How to be a sponsor


Full Corporate donors will have their name and logo printed on the t-shirts (approximately 500+)

Associate donors will have their name only printed on the t-shirts. All donor names and logos will be displayed on a banner crossing Shoshone Street the week prior to Paint Day. All donor names will be printed on the Paint Magic letterhead, applications and posters. KMVT-TV, FOX35, Kat Country, The Buzz, Mix 103, KART, KBAR, LaFantastica and The Times-News will advertise extensively prior to and immediately following Paint Day. Paint Magic posters displaying all donors are distributed throughout the Magic Valley. Paint Magic applications are also distributed to businesses throughout the Magic Valley for seniors to pick up and mail in. A special thank you ad will appear in The Times-News following Paint Day listing all full and associate donors, teams and contributors. Shown below are some samples of letterhead, poster and the banner which hangs across Main Street in Downtown Twin Falls.. As you can see, full corporate sponsors are heavily promoted .